Want To Cook Dominican Food?


Learning to cook dominican food is easier than you think. There are some secrets in dominican cooking that hide the flavor. Well, they aren't secrets if you, like me, use natural and fresh ingredients. I always try to give the best to my family and friends. What about you?

I love garlic, red and green bell peppers. I preffer white onions in my dishes because its flavor is softer and blends much better with other ingredients. And I really love cilantro and celery. They give so much flavor to our dominican food, more than you can imagine.

Tropical fruits play an important roal in our cooking. With them you can prepare so many tasty recipes. I love pineapple, papaya, mandarines, oranges, mango and other fruits in my dishes. They are great to cook different Dominican Republic recipes.

Many people think that dominican food is not as healthy (lots of fat), but with my dominican recipes I usually change the ingredients for low fat ones whenever I can. And, of course, I avoid lots of frying because baking is healthier. When I have to fry a food, I use just a bit of vegetable or extra virgin olive oil. As I said before, I like to give the best to my family. 


I hope you enjoy browsing around my dominican food recipes. Here you will find the dominican friendliness and our exquisite flavor. Be ready to learn my "dominican cooking style".





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My Dominican Recipes Classified by Categories

If you are looking for delicious dominican recipes filled with flavor, look no more. Here you will find so many dominican dishes made with tropical ingredients, so you can learn "dominican style" latin cooking.


Mi Comida Dominicana En Español

¿Sabes cocinar comida dominicana? Haz llegado al lugar indicado para aprender. Prepara tus ollas y cucharones porque vamos a cocinar de forma fácil y divertida con todas las recetas dominicanas que tengo para ti.


Macaroni Salad Recipe

You don't have to go very far to enjoy a delicious macaroni salad recipe. In your own kitchen you have everything you need to prepare a delicious pasta recipe like this one.


Seven Layer Salad "Latino Style"

This seven layer salad is an exquisite way to present and taste vegetables. It is a great party recipe. Let's cook this delicious latino style salad, you'll love it!


Chickpea Salad

Delicious and interesting ingredients come together in this chickpea salad. It's so easy to prepare and a great appetizer.


Chef Salad "Dominican Style"

The beautiful colors of this dominican style chef salad invites you to taste its exquisite flavor. It's a healthy salad that is great for parties and family gatherings.


Stuffed Potatoes With Cheese (Papas Rellenas de Queso)

This stuffed potatoes with cheese (papas rellenas de queso) are a great dominican recipe to share with family and friends. If you have kids (like me), I'm pretty sure they're gonna love them.


Red Beans: A Delicious Dominican Stewed Beans Recipe or Habichuelas Guisadas Dominicanas
I love my stewed red beans recipe. This is a traditional dish in my loved Dominican Republic and my mother always cooked it with white rice and chicken for me and my brothers. That is the dominican flag of our cuisine. 


Cooking White Rice or Arroz Blanco "Dominican Style"

Cooking white rice or arroz blanco has never been easier. Check this dominican white rice recipe, really easy to cook and so delicious. It's part of our cuisine's "Dominican Flag". You have to try it.



Teriyaki Chicken Recipe "Latin Style"

When I cooked this teriyaki chicken recipe for my family, I was pleasantly surprised of its delicious flavor. It's so easy to prepare, just chop all your vegetables, mix and bake. That's it!


Grilled Chicken Marinade

Cooking this grilled chicken marinade for me it was a delight. My family enjoyed this recipe a lot. You don't need a big grill to cook it, just a nonstick griddle and you're good to go!


Oven Fried Chicken Recipe

This oven fried chicken recipe is really tasty. I invented it after cooking another fried chicken recipe, but "fried" means not that healthy. But I still wanted to enjoy this chicken. So, instead of fry it, I baked it and it's delicious!


Stewed Chicken "Dominican Style" (Pollo Guisado Dominicano) 

Our dominican stewed chicken or pollo guisado dominicano is a traditional dish in my Dominican Republic. It's part of the "dominican flag" of our cuisine. That's why I share it with you, so you too can enjoy our delicious food.


Vegetable Fried Rice "Latino Style"

This vegetable fried rice is a beautiful and delicious dominican recipe. Easy to cook and filled with latino flavor. You are gonna love it!


Fried Shrimp Recipe

This fried shrimp recipe is a delicious way to eat shrimps. Besides, it's so easy to cook you'll be amazed. Try it out so you too can enjoy this tasty latino style recipe.


Habichuelas Con Dulce Dominicanas Or Dominican Sweet Creamed Beans

Habichuelas con dulce or sweet creamed beans are definitely one of my favorite dominican food. They are so delicious and a tradition in Dominican Republic. Here's is my recipe, so you can enjoy this tasty dominican dessert.


Dulce De Leche Recipe "Dominican Style"

Our dominican dulce de leche recipe is so tasty. Definitely it is one of my favorite desserts and very popular in Dominican Republic. I couldn't resist posting it in my dominican food website. Enjoy it!


Rice Pudding Recipe "Dominican Style" (Arroz Con Leche Dominicano)

With this dominican rice pudding recipe or arroz con leche dominicano I can show you that with some rice you can do great recipes. It's so delicious and pretty easy to cook. Enjoy this traditional dominican food.


Strawberry Milkshake Made With Nesquik

It's so easy to prepare this refreshing strawberry milkshake, you'll be amazed. I use Strawberry Nesquik to make it and it's done in a flash. My kids love this delicious drink.


Smoked Herring With Rice Or Locrio de Arenque

Lots of memories come to my mind with this smoked herring with rice recipe. That was one of the main menus of the UASD, the public dominican university where I graduated. I enjoyed so much this dominican food with my friends.


Beef Steak With Onions (Bistec Encebollado)
This delicious beef steak with onions was really tasty. The steak was tender and nice, and the best of all, my family loved it. Do you wanna try it? Here is the my recipe for you to enjoy.


Salad Ideas

There's nothing like delicious salad ideas, so you can choose whatever you want to prepare a salad. With some imagination, your salad can go from "good" to "GREAT". You'll see how.


Cooking Steak: Tender Steak Cuts For Pan-Frying

Cooking steak on a frying pan is easy if you choose the right steak cut.  A cooked tender beef is delicious and juicy, and it's a pleasure to enjoy. Here I have some information about tender steak cuts to help you accomplish just that.


Coconut Candy With Sweet Potato (Dulce De Coco Con Batata Dominicano)

This dominican coconut candy with sweet potato recipe (dulce de coco con batata) is a traditional dessert in our country. And I'm bringing my Mom's recipe to my website, so you too can taste and enjoy this delicious treat!


Spaghetti With Sausage "Dominican Style"

This delicious spaghetti with sausage recipe is a variation of our famous spaghetti with salami recipe. I switched to beef sausage because my kids like it more than salami and it has so much flavor. Try it, you'll love it!



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